Creating a positive working culture

We’re proud of the great work we produce at Blue Feathers, and we know that our culture – built around flexibility, trust and a focus on outcomes – plays a key part in making that possible. In this short article… show more

The art of crafting impactful customer propositions

Ever marvelled at how global brands navigate the intricacies of launching products across multiple markets, captivating their customers attention in a crowded space and fostering lasting loyalty? Picture yourself in a fast-paced arena, like some of our global clients at… show more

How good process can drive collaboration and creativity

At Blue Feathers, we’re fortunate to work with some great clients, helping them build incredible brands with customer-centric propositions and brilliant teams. Within this, we have significant experience in designing and helping to implement effective marketing processes. The very things… show more

The ‘Think, Feel, Do’ tool – what it is, and why we like it

The power of the ‘Think, Feel, Do’ tool Having studied and worked in marketing for many years, I’ve used various models and frameworks to develop brand strategies, marketing plans and customer propositions / innovations. Still, when our founder Susie Partridge first talked… show more

The humble Brand Key

The humble Brand Key – managing your brand starts with a single page! If you’re in the world of brand and marketing, you’ve probably heard of a brand key. It’s a framework that captures the key attributes of a brand… show more

True collaboration – here’s how we do it

At Blue Feathers, we think it’s vital to work in a true collaboration with our clients. We’re lucky to work with top marketeers who are responsible for some of the UK’s best-loved brands, combining our clients’ expertise with our skills… show more

Why skills development benefits marketing teams

At Blue Feathers, we’re known as experts in brand strategy and proposition development, and we’re fortunate to work on some super progressive projects in these areas. But there’s another way we support many of our clients, and that’s through helping… show more

Customer loyalty – what it is and what we’ve learned about it

Loyalty is an area that we at Blue Feathers are often asked to help clients with. In particular, what loyalty means to our clients’ businesses and whether it’s an area worth investing in – and if so, how to approach… show more

How to create a good brief for successful projects

Blue Feathers, we know a fair bit about briefing – from both sides of the fence. We spend time engaging with the brand strategy and proposition development briefs we get from our clients, and we also produce our own briefs… show more

How to get the best quality work from your agency

Having a great relationship with our clients really helps us to deliver our best strategic and creative work. We could say we’re lucky that we enjoy strong and open relationships with our clients, but luck does not have much to… show more

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