Successful propositions need to be meaningful and relevant to your customers and delivered distinctively by your brand.

Do you wish you could unlock a truly meaningful proposition for your customers? Do you need to make your propositions more distinctive?

We run idea generation workshops which get under the skin of your customers, bring trends to life and consider what your competitors are doing, to co-create insight-led propositions for products, services and experiences.

We support ambitious marketing leaders and their teams with:

  • Idea generation
  • Concept development
  • Proposition planning

How we can help you

Customer need.

We put customers at the heart of your brand strategy, helping you understand them better and finding ways your brand can enhance their lives.


We interpret trends and insights, both within your industry and beyond, to ensure your proposition will be fit for the future.


We guide you in considering what your competitors are doing, looking at how they position themselves to inform how you need to position your proposition against them for effective differentiation.

Objectives and goals.

We translate your business objectives into tangible targets for your proposition, to underpin what the proposition needs to achieve.

Stakeholder engagement.

We work with you to navigate your stakeholder networks, keeping them engaged throughout to ensure your proposition lands successfully.

Project management.

All underpinned by our diligent, hassle-free and reliable project management, to ensure efficient and effective delivery for you.

Why choose us?

We do the deep thinking, distillation and facilitation, to simplify the complex and enable clear, fresh thinking. 

We are meticulous in every aspect of our work so you can rely on us to produce work of exceptional quality. 

We work openly, sharing our thought processes in a way that means, as our client, you maintain ownership, have a full understanding of what is done and learn along the way. 

We change only what’s needed, not reinventing for the sake of it, which means if we think what you have is good, we’ll tell you and build on it together, and if something new is needed, we’ll help you to define it. 

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